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About FPRA Jax

The Jacksonville Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association supports communication professionals in Northeast Florida. Through networking, professional development programs, and recognition, our chapter promotes excellence in public relations. 


Our chapter has a strong commitment to continuing education to help our members grow professionally and personally. Each month, we offer professional development programming focused on networking, building knowledge, skills, and abilities. Join us every Second Wednesday to make an investment in you. 

Upcoming Events

Lunch & Learn: How to Impact and Increase Employee Engagement

Dreams Come True | October 12| 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

In an age of quiet quitting, quiet firing, and managing diverse remote, hybrid, and potentially global workforces, and no less than four different generations in the workforce today, employee disengagement is at an all-time high.


And while engagement is complex with many touchpoints, recent studies have shown that communication plays a more direct and determining role.


To that end, it is essential that communication professionals understand how vital they are in employee engagement and actively collaborate with organizational leaders and the human resources department.


Employee engagement is not a static program to be implemented but an interactive and iterative human process. It is not a set-it-and-forget-it program to be handed off to HR or those in internal communications. It must be an active ongoing process involving the entire organization and its employees.


For FPRA Jax’s first Lunch and Learn program, you will learn about the four quadrants of employee engagement, how you can impact and increase engagement in your organization, and why communication professionals are better positioned to lead the charge regardless of role, time in the industry, or where you fall in your organization’s structure. 


Ensuring your organization is actively working to build and increase employee engagement is critical. Knowing the steps to help guide that conversation is a tool every communications professional needs in their communication toolbox.


About Amanda Young

Amanda Young is a communications professional working in an internal communication capacity for Brunet-Garcia Advertising. She uses her expertise in process development to create comprehensive internal communication plans and build valuable intensive internship programs to guide the next generation of advertising and communication professionals. 


She has 19 years of business and leadership experience and has been researching effective communication and leadership communication skills for the last five years through Purdue University’s Graduate School of Communication. 


Additionally, this year, Amanda is serving on the FPRA Jacksonville Chapter board as the Vice President of Young Professionals, where she hopes to connect with recently graduated and soon-to-graduate communication professionals; since she knows entering any profession is difficult enough, but when you first graduate, the road can appear dark, rocky, and thick with the fog of uncertainty and doubt. Her hope, through this position, is to act as a flashlight for these young professionals, to light the path forward through highlighting available resources, professional development, and mentorship.  

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