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January Program, Headshots and New Members, Oh My!

FPRA's Jacksonville Chapter kicked off 2023 with an informational lunch & learn led by Roxie Reeve, Director of Digital Marketing with 3D Digital.

Roxie dove into the power of video in marketing and PR campaigns, as well as how attendees can use behavioral marketing to reach the right people. Complimentary headshots were also captured in 3D Digital's state-of-the-art studio.

FPRA Jacksonville Chapter President Andrea Siracusa, APR, CPRC extended a warm welcome with FPRA pins to our chapter’s newest members - Abbigale Martin and Karen McAllister, APR.

FPRA Jacksonville Chapter members and guests during January's program.

Abbigale "Abbi" Martin receiving her FPRA pin from Andrea Siracusa, APR, CPRC for being a new member.

Andrea Siracusa, APR, CPRC giving new member Karen McAllister, APR her FPRA pin.

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